Celebrating Canada 150 at Butternut Creek Flowers


We are very excited about Canada 150 here at Butternut Creek Flowers. Our family motto is
"too much is just the right amount" and I would say that we've nailed that in terms of diversifying our red and white plants for the big celebration! After all, we do live in Canada's original capital - the celebrations are going to be big! 

We purchased one of the limited number of tulip gardens from Vesey's Seeds Ltd. and will be of of the "150th Celebration Gardens". 


In addition to that specific selection of tulips I will have red and white; dahlias, zinnias, additional tulips, gladiolas, nicotiana, lilies, scabiosa and bleeding hearts. 

Stay tuned for a later features on the blog where I will highlight all of my red and white blooms as they start to come alive!

How are you celebrating Canada 150?