Happy new Year 2019!

I realized that I hadn't”t written anything for the Blog since March 2017 when the web site launched. I have no one to blame but myself. 2017 turned out to be a very challenging year and ingrained in my memory. I had decided to add 10 new beds in the girls next to the five raised beds we built in 2016. That was when we experienced the wettest summer on record for Kingston. Flooding was thew word for the summer. By late August things started to dry out. I also discovered what gladiolus thrips were once my entire crop was damaged. Organic gardening isn’t impossible but does add to the difficulty level. Trial and error is a good teacher as long as you learn from your mistakes.

Not noted for for being an optimist, it shocks me how I truly believe it will be better next year, just plan better. I think Mother Nature tests one’s resolve when gardening and 2018 provide no exception. After surviving the worst drought ever in 2016 and 2017 the floods, the Ice storm of April 29th, while my poor tulips and daffodils were well on their way was a prefect example. Then suddenly in late May/early June it got ridiculously hot for Kingston. Ugh!

Needless to say we made it through 2018 almost unscathed and looking at 2019 with even more optimism than I thought possible for me muster. We purchased a small tractor which means my Husband Jim is willing to do more work on the farm as long as the tractor is involved. I will be adding some new items to the Web page, and losing a few other, trying new directions, and yes more Workshops! I have a neighbour Debbie who comes over to help me occasionally, as well as my niece Erin, when we need a lot of weeding to be done. The neighbours young sons are hired to do all the heavy work my poor old body either doesn’t want to do, or just plain can’t anymore.

I still manage to avoid a camera whenever possible, but I love seeing photos of our little ‘field of dreams’. My only regret is not starting to do this years ago. Check back to see what we are up to, as I have tried to map out a regular blog post for the year. I am sitting in the living room with a horrible cold and a gorgeous day outside that sees the temperature dropping steadily all day. Enjoy the winter it will new over soon enough!!

On a final note, our Bouquet Subscriptions are available with a prearranged delivery option to. They make wonderful gifts for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and Just Because. Fresh flowers are always welcome!


Liz & Jim