Dahlias are our main crop, and most utilized flower on the Farm. we continue to try new varieties and this year hope to have our first seedlings to start our own breeding program.

When I first started I ordered from Ferncliff Gardens on Mission BC. They have a wonderful selection and a tuber quality is second to none. I then realized how many more varieties there were waiting for me! I expanded my numbers of varieties but foolishly didn’t increase the number of each variety sufficiently. I have learned that over the years some varieties are just more vigorous and produce many more tuber than others.

My colour selections - which are broad has never really changed, just beefed up in some colours, as they are more sought after. Wedding work demands certain colours and then what ever becomes the colour that is sought after that year.

Lucky for all of us, Dahlias come in many shapes, shades, and sizes. There is a tendency to choose certain varieties by colour and shape. Anenome dahlias are really hitting their stride, and more varieties are becoming available every year. I remember not caring much for the wild look of cactus dahlias - that took a year for that to change. I love varieties in all categories.

I have tried to narrow down the most sought after varieties but that seems to change for me as well, so I maintain far too many different varieties, which leads me to just plain too many dahlias. I feel this way until they bloom!

I have pulled photos of some tried and true varieties as well as some new ones from 2018 in the following gallery of photos.

Other sources in Canada, would be Production St. Anciet has a very large selection, as well Oakridge Dahlias, Unicorn Blooms, Ferncliff Gardens, Creekside Growers, and Us - Butternut Creek Flowers of course.

In the US there are so many I suggest Dahlia Addict to help narrow down the search for specific varieties.