At Butternut Creek Flowers we love being able to provide local Brides and Grooms with fresh organic, seasonal flowers for their wedding! In previous growing seasons we have provided wholesale flowers to some Brides who already ordered their bouquets from a Florist, but wanted to do their own arrangements. Coming this summer we will now offer two amazing package options for brides and Grooms, the DIY Wedding and the A La Carte wedding. Both packages can be curated to help you maintain a budget for flowers, that YOU design, creating your own Custom Flower Package.

Since all our flowers are grown here on the Farm or from other local growers (if we do not have enough of a given variety or colour), and we believe in the Grown not Flown philosophy of flowers so, by keeping your flowers local, they will be fresher, responsibly and sustainably grown, you support local growers, and they tend to smell better as well! Certain varieties will not be available at certain times of the year so check the availability of the flowers you wish to have in your Custom Flower Package for their seasonality. We can provide a list of seasonal flowers to you by month.

If you are interested in out Products and Services for your upcoming Wedding, please look through your two options with us and feel free to contact us at We will be happy to assist you as best we can.

DIY Wedding Flower Planning

If you like the idea of designing your own wedding flowers then this package is for YOU!

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before you tackle this, they are

1. Do you have enough time?

2. Do you have enough people to help put together the arrangements?

3. Do you have. Workplace to do the design work?

4. Do you have the ability to transport and store the arrangements once you are done designing them?

If you are answering YES, then the DIY Wedding package with fresh, local, seasonal flowers from Butternut Creek Flowers is for you!


1. Complete a contact form with the date you will need the flowers and the desired quantity and we can get back to you with a confirmation of supply on that date.

2. Typically you’ll receive approximately 65-80 stems per bucket - this varies on which premium flowers are available.on what premium flowers are available. Note: Depending upon your vase size, a bucket can should work for 5-7 1L sized mason jars.

3. Each bucket is mixed colours of seasonal flowers with some greenery Growers Choice, so if you wish a specific colour or colours (Custom Colours), the cost per bucket will be affected

4. Because we are seasonal growers, the buckets will reflect what is in bloom on the farm at that time. Although we grow some “premium” flowers, some may end up in your bucket.

5. Yes you can order some premium flowers by the bunch and by the colour but they are sold as 5 stem bunches.

6. We recommend picking up flowers Wednesday for Friday Wedding, Thursday morning for Saturday Wedding, etc.

7. Flowers should last about week, some varieties last longer.

8. Flowers need to be refrigerated or at least held in a cool dark place away from sun and food items.

9. Flowers should be transported in an air conditioned vehicle from our site and to the wedding venue when ready to go.

10. We have a $5 refundable deposit on the buckets, which is returned when the buckets are returned. These buckets come clean and the flowers will be soaking in floral solution.


Each bucket varies from $75-100 depending what has been requested and what is in each.

We require 50% deposit at time we confirm your order and the balance due at pick up.

Just Email us for our Contact Form for a Quote.


If you like the idea of using local, fresh, in-season flowers for you wedding, but don’t have the time or skills to do your own arrangements the the A La Carte Wedding Package might be for you!

The A La Carte Wedding structure is a tailored approach to wedding flowers. We invest time to get to know you and your partner through our detailed questionnaire and then with that input we come up with a customized floral package and quote using in-season options from our farm. In terms of logistics, we do all, of the arrangements in the vases that we provide (but you keep) and on your scheduled day you pick up all of the items in your package here at Butternut Creek Flowers. We do not do on-site installation. We offer fresh bouquets and arrangements based on your chosen colour palette and what is ‘In Season’ on the Wedding date. This approach is perfect if you want small arrangements, bouquets, table centrepieces, and a few focal arrangements using ‘Grown not Flown’ philosophy of flowers, so by keeping your flowers local, they will be fresher and responsibly and sustainably grown!

Email us for a Questionnaire to help us get to know YOU better, after which we can give you a quote.