In 2019 we will be hosting a number of Workshops on the Farm on Saturdays and one Holiday Monday. Refreshments will be provide. Payment reserves your place but please note due to cutting of Fresh Flowers the Peony and Dahlia Arranging Workshops are nonrefundable. Workshop size is limited, so we are offering more than one per day for some classes.

1. Dahlia Planting and Care - May 18th and May 20th. $55 plus tax (AM or PM each Day) Closed

2. Arranging with Peonies - June 15th $75 plus tax (AM or PM) Closed

3. Iris Dividing and Planting - July 13th $75 plus tax (AM or PM) Closed

4. Arranging with Dahlias - September 7th $75 plus tax (10-12 or 2-4PM)

5. Dividing Peonies - September 27th $75 plus tax (10-12 or 2-4PM)

6. Dividing Dahlias and Winter Storage - Oct 26th & Nov 2nd $75 plus tax 10-12 or 2-4PM (each Day)

7. Wreaths - Nov 9th & Dec 7th $95 plus tax 10-12 and 2-4 PM (each Day)

8. Garlands - Nov 16th $120 plus tax 1-4 PM


Dahlia Tuber Care and Planting Allows you to learn about dahlias, plant some, and then take home a few to plant Yourself!

Two classes per day 9-11 AM and 2-4 PM.


Peony Arranging. Come to the Farm and learn about peonies and arrange your own bouquet with some other Seasonal Flowers from the Farm, and take your beautiful arrangement home with You! All items necessary are included.


Bearded Irises Dividing and Planting. Learn about bearded Iris and how to divide and plant them, and take one home with you to plant in your own garden.


Dahlia Arranging. Come to the Farm and learn about Dahlias and create your own beautiful arrangement to take home with You! All items necessary are included.


Peony Dividing and Planting.

Learn about growing, planting and dividing Peonies. This is the perfect time to be doing this job! Take a bare root peony home with you for your own garden!


Dahlia Tuber Digging Dividing and Winter Storage. Learn how to divide and Store your Tubers and take a couple home with you.


Wreath Making.

Make your own Holiday Wreath to take home with You. All items are included.


Garlands. Learn how to make your own Holiday garlands for tables or hanging. All items are included.

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